Responsibility, transparency and integrity are the guiding principles of the FS Group’s governance processes. We adopt sound choices and actions inspired by the experience gained at a national level and by ethical, social and legal behaviour.

In this field, our main objectives include:

  • strengthening the company’s reputation
  • minimising risk
  • balancing powers

The effectiveness of the governance processes is ensured by a management system that encourages decision making and sharing, together with the valorisation of the skills and professionalism present within the company.

Internal Control and Risk Management System

In accordance with the Parent Company’s guidelines, FS International operates within the instruments, organizational structures, rules and regulations composing the Internal Control and Risk Management System (hereinafter SCIGR). It is aimed at enabling a sound and correct management of the enterprise, consistent with the corporate objectives defined by the Board of Directors and with national and international best practices set in the FS Group’s Compliance Model.

The SCIGR contributes to ensure compliance with the laws, the Statute and the procedures, the protection of corporate assets, an efficient and effective management of the activities and a reliable and complete accounting of financial data.

It is integrated in the more general organizational structures and corporate governance, and it has the aim to identify, assess, measure and mitigate risks as much as possible through their management, as well as identify and suggest possible corrective and/or improvement actions.

Policy, procedures and tools

FS International operates following the relevant Parent Company’s provisions and communications and by transposing them into its own policies and procedures.

In order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the bidding process, we adopted internal procedures defining the principles, rules of conduct and roles involved. The internal evaluation process, supported by detailed analysis from each department, considers every aspect of business opportunities and allows the selection of those best fitting the company objectives.

Furthermore, within a framework of transparency, fairness and integrity, we adopted an evaluation process towards Commercial Promoters and Consultants as well as Business Partners, aimed at identifying in advance reputational and ethical risk profiles of potential counterparts.

Among our management tools, we developed a tailored risk-attractiveness model that enables us to classify countries based on macroeconomic and sector-specific data and understand which best fits our strategic path. Through this model we can balance our projects portfolio, keep it under continuous monitoring and look at new opportunities in countries showing the adequate risk-attractiveness mix.