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Global mobility solutions

FS International provides an integrated portfolio of solutions to serve customers mobility needs in several fields: Operation&Maintenance of passenger and freight transport services and of railway infrastructure, as well as Advisory&Consultancy. We bring the right mix of technical knowledge and worldwide experience, able to leverage international best practices and the most innovative solutions.

Our capacities can be applied also in the framework of large mobility projects, such as Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM) projects and Public Private Partnerships (PPP), where there is the need to coordinate the various stakeholders involved.

Each solution offered is based on operational excellence and is innovation-focused, sustainability-committed as well as guided by an uncompromising approach to safety.

Our capabilities derive from being part of a Group that employs over 83,000 people, works in 5 continents and in more than 60 countries, and generates consolidated revenues for €12.4 billion (2019). It is one of the largest European integrated mobility players and main operators in the market: incumbent in Italy and Greece and newcomer in UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

The FS Group manages an extensive railway network in Italy of around 24,500 km of rails (of which over 1,400 km of High-Speed and 950 km of urban and metropolitan lines) and about 2,100 stations. In addition, it also handles a wide road network of approximately 30,000 km of motorways and highways.

Overall, the Group ensures passenger transport to around 1 billion people per year (both by rail and by bus) and carries freight by rail for around 50 million tons per year.

In particular 9,000 trains per day travelled across the Italian railway network in 2019. In the same year the FS Group operated 310 million trains-km and 46 billion rail passengers-km; furthermore, 206 million buses-km and almost 3 billion bus passengers-km.

Operation & Maintenance of transport services

The expertise our team delivers ranges from operational, safety, rolling stock and infrastructure maintenance, to crewing, dispatching, service disruption planning, equipment, procurement and introduction of vehicles, expert customer service, branding and marketing expertise to increase service revenues.

We understand the importance of revenue generation, cost control and risk management as well as of integrated processes based on cost-efficiency performance of technical assets and staff under safety requirements.

Operation & Maintenance of railway infrastructure

We provide experiences and lessons learned to operate and ensure the full availability and constant efficiency of the lines and of the railway infrastructure, including passenger stations and freight modal and intermodal terminals. For this end we deliver services to manage capital budgets for the strengthening, the technological modernisation and the development of railway lines and facilities.

We transfer processes aiming at RAMS improvement (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) in challenging scenarios (new binding rules, reduction of resources, greater punctuality needs and reduction of maintenance slots), through innovative solutions in diagnostic (unmanned) and maintenance activities (preventive/predictive). 

Advisory & consultancy

Our extensive know-how enables us to supply advisory and consultancy services in the fields of railway planning, operations, economics, management, strategy and training, covering the entire chain of activities related to mobility solutions.

Furthermore, we have a significant competence in coaching and mentoring projects for technical and managerial skills development in partnership with customers. We organize on-line modules and classroom trainings accompanied by site-visits in the most relevant FS Group’s plants.

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