We propose several types of tailor-made packages related to the entire lifecycle of a railway project.

Study Packages

  • Feasibility Studies: preliminary concept of design of new lines, new stations and new train services. Evaluation and analysis of the entire reference area. Benchmarking analysis. Four-steps Transportation Modelling (Trip Generation, Trip Distribution, Mode Split, Traffic Assignment). Early use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in order to achieve optimal solutions, substantially reduced errors during the project construction phase of projects, and significant improvements during the use of facilities.
  • Commercial Railway Planning: demand forecasting, modelling, analysis, timetabling, fares policy.
  • Operational Railway Planning: operational micro-simulation, signalling and track layout design, train services design, timetabling layout, simulation analysis, safety analysis.
  • Sustainability Project Appraisal: holistic assessment of the long-term project’s sustainability from the point of view of the effectiveness of investment, respect for the ecosystem, climate and environmental risk, durability, leadership and improvement of the quality of life.
  • Benefit Cost Analysis: evaluation of the benefits and costs of delivering, based on multiple accounts including economic objectives such as cost, commercial viability and risk, environmental impacts, social equity and serving high need communities, fit with existing public policy and local neighbourhood considerations. 

Design and Construction Packages

  • Railway Design: preliminary, detailed and construction design for civil infrastructure and technological systems; Building Information Modelling use.
  • Procurement assistance services: implementation of procurement information systems, data collection, preparation of Expressions of Interest, Requests for Qualification, Requests for Proposal including service specifications delivery, service requirements evaluation criteria pricing structure and financial terms; contract negotiations.
  • Design Audit and Assessment: project validation, Due Diligence.
  • Works Supervision and Project Management Consultancy (PMC).

Institutional Framework, Strategy and Training Packages

  • Management and Strategy: technical assistance and temporary management for reorganization and redevelopment of Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings; business planning; investment strategy; national and regional multimodal transport master plans.
  • Training and Study Tours: On-line modules and classroom trainings accompanied by site-visits in the most relevant FS Group’s plants; coaching and mentoring projects for technical and managerial skills development in partnership with customers.