FS International benefits of the FS Group experience to implement and enhance the digital innovation of the industrial processes of the mobility activities, ensuring better quality, efficiency and time-to-market services for people.

All FS processes are managed through integrated scalable software solutions:

  • Utilization of customized software components and applications;
  • Integrated systems contributing to a high level of reliability and efficiency allowing take advantage of long term experience and lessons learned of rail operators;
  • Availability of skilled and qualified Partners team.

We offer also experience and solutions, in connection with our partners, aimed at adopting new technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data management and Internet of Things (IoT), based on modern cloud infrastructure and innovative 5G networks. We dedicate special attention to the optimization of predictive diagnostics, so as to reduce the unavailability of the railway infrastructure in case of failures or anomalies, and we target the improvement of the standards of punctuality and regularity of rail traffic.