Press room

17 December 2020 News
FS International brings Italy and Albania closer

The CEO of FS International, Filippo Scotti, met the Albanian Ambassador, Anila Bitri Lani, in Rome to discuss the prospects for cooperation in the railway sector.

13 November 2020 News
FS International at Asia Pacific Rail 2020

FS International joined Asia Pacific Rail 2020 (10 to 12 November, 2020) presenting its innovative approach on integrated mobility solutions for the region’s transport issues. “Focus on the passenger – improving the passenger journey through digitalization” was one of the major panels to which FS International contributed with its vision of railways as the backbone of an integrated multi-modal mobility system.

22 October 2020 News
FS USA with USHSR for North American High Speed development

The FS ITALIAN RAILWAYS USA INC. has joined the US High Speed Rail Association in order to support the bringing of High Speed to America. The US Company of FS was established in 2019 to provide global mobility solutions by exporting the FS Group’s know-how to North America.

03 September 2020 News
Ferrocarril Central in Uruguay, FS International consultancy completed

FS International has successfully completed the technical consultancy for the modernisation of the Ferrocarril Central line in Uruguay, as an auditor of the executive project.