FS International has set up the new subsidiary FS Italian Railways USA Inc.

The new joint stock company of FS S.p.A. is under US law 

On 13 may 2019, FS Italian Railways USA Inc. was established as a joint stock company under US law whose line of business is the management and development of transportation – and related work – in the North American market.

The company’s mission includes taking part in tenders organised in that market, with the aim of also exporting the FS Group’s know-how to North America and ensuring growth of international turnover in line with the goals of the fs group’s and FS International’s 2019-2023 Industrial plan.

The american mobility market (mass passenger transport, high speed trains and freight) does offer interesting growth possibilities, especially in the large metropolitan areas, thanks to an increase in investment in railways – which has doubled over the past thirty years – and the increasingly frequent use of large, international professional operators to provide transport public services (O&M – Operation & Maintenance) which until now have been directly managed by local authorities. These local authorities are committed to reducing operating costs and improving what the customer receives by making use of the experience and innovation that the international operators have.

The fs group can thus play an important role in this market, as it has multi-disciplinary skills that set it apart, and is capable of exporting integration and innovation models, both in terms of processes and end product.

FS Italian Railways USA Inc. has its registered office in the State of Delaware, but initially its headquarters will be in Washington D.C.