The Italian know-how in Turkey through FS International

8th October 2021

Following the award received in May 2021 from TUSSIDE (Turkish Management Sciences Institute), FS International has successfully completed the assignment for the technical assistance to the Turkish Railways (TCDD).

The consultancy service concerned the transfer of the Italian know-how gained through the implementation of the Acquis Communautaire in the railway sector, and it was aimed at supporting the organisational transformation of TCDD and its subsidiaries. It involved the infrastructural, production and transport sector in continuity with the previous training courses performed in 2019 (on Maintenance/TLC & Signalling along with the Capacity Development Programme).

The project was a priority for both the Turkish government and the Turkish Railways, with a view to transforming TCDD into a competitive company, as a leader in passenger transport and logistics services.

For this purpose, FS International has transferred its best practices in terms of organisational structure, business/operational models and corporate performance management, whilst also providing further elements on logistics and on the digitisation of maintenance and sales processes in the passenger and freight sectors.

Although the contractual counterparty of FS International was Tubitak Tusside (a subsidiary of TCDD), the results of the analyses conducted were also illustrated to TCDD’s upper management during the intermediate phases.

“We are extremely proud to have carried out this initiative despite the difficulties due to the pandemic, gaining the customer’s appreciation and trust” quoted Salvatore D’Alfonso, Head of Advisory & Consultancy Services at FS International. “Particularly decisive were the excellent relations with counterparties and the spirit of collaboration established within the multidisciplinary team of the FS Group involved in the project.”

Finally, an effective and fruitful dialogue on further opportunities in the railway sector remains open with Tubitak Tusside, also in view of the constant support that FS International intends to provide to the Turkish infrastructural development.