FS Italian Railways USA official partner of the Italian Embassy in the US

13th April 2021

To mark the 160th anniversary of Italy-USA diplomatic relations, started on April 13th 1861, FS Italian Railways USA strengthens its collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Washington, becoming the official sponsor of the celebrations that include a rich programme of initiatives throughout the year. The complete calendar of events is available at www.italyus160.org.

Bilateral relations between Italy and the United States have deep historical roots. Today, they are based on a vast network of connections among institutions, companies and much more. In this context, FS Italian Railways USA is positioned as a strategic partner for exporting the FS Group’s know-how and the Made in Italy excellence to the United States. The support of the Italian Embassy is essential to develop business opportunities in the country and establishing contacts with local counterparts.

High-Speed Rail is a crucial issue in the United States, given the strong ambition of the new Biden Presidency to relaunch rail transport, thus coping with the climate emergency and encouraging a new drive of investments in transport infrastructure, for a clean energy economy with net-zero emissions by 2050.

Italy represents excellence in High-Speed Rail, having been the first country in the world to face the liberalisation of the railway system on the HSR market,” recalls Enrico Trapazzo, President & CEO of FS Italian Railways USA Inc.

Indeed, Italy is a global example for managing rail traffic of several operators on the same rail network – a turning point that would allow the United States to significantly accelerate the race towards a more sustainable mobility for its citizens, with a view to technological progress and innovation, thus generating significant impact in terms of economic growth, social development and environmental protection.