Why FS International?


FS International was awarded by the Consortium Eastern High-Speed Rail Linking Three Airports (EHSR) as Operation & Maintenance Contractor.


FS Italiane, as member of the FLOW Consortium, through FS International won the contract awarded by the Riyadh Development Authority.


The Ministry of Transport and Public Works appointed FS Italiane, through FS International, as the Auditor of the Executive Project for rehabilitation of the “Ferrocarril Central” line.

Latest news
22 February 2021
The FS Group continues to grow outside Europe with the establishment of "FS Italian Railways Thailand"

The new FS Group company in Thailand has been set up to consolidate the Group's presence in non-European countries and strengthen its international growth.

5 February 2021
FS International explores the African market

FS International joined the Italian mission to Guinea, supported by the Italian Embassy in Conakry, in order to investigate market opportunities and establish contacts with local counterparts.

29 January 2021
FS International with ITALCAM to bring Italian excellence to Brazil

FS International has joined ITALCAM, the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, with the aim of promoting the internationalisation of the FS Group in Brazil, which is considered as a strategic country thanks to the vast opportunities offered by its railway industry.

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