About us

FS International is a company of the FS Italiane Group, one of the largest integrated Rail&Road players in the world.

FS International is devoted to export the broad know-how of the FS Group across the world, by offering integrated solutions on a wide array of mobility segments such as high-speed and conventional railway lines, freight and logistics services, mass transit systems, rail and road infrastructure, asset management, digital technologies, as well as safety and security services.

We are proud of being a global provider of 180 years of history of rail expertise and Italian know-how towards all stakeholders. We strive to be a reliable business partner through the creation of tailored mobility solutions that are efficient, innovative and sustainable.

FS International operates following the main driving values of the FS Group:

18,1 billion
passengers/km on rail

in the year 2020

20.7 billion
tonnes/km on rail

in the year 2020

24,514 km
of rails

and 29,114 km of roads & highways managed


of which 11% abroad